Only private tuition is currently available in Wing Chun at KFA with Mark Hobbs. Call now to book a lesson and start to learn Wing Chun from basics to advanced. Or if you already practice Wing Chun, come and see if there is a difference in our approach that could help you achieve better results for your own practice!

Mark Hobbs is certified by Grandmaster Lun Gai “China” (Yip Man’s first student) in Yip Man Wing Chun and Grandmaster Hung Nquyen “Vietnam” in Yue Chai Wan Wing Chun. Mark has evolved and developed Wing Chun into a unique Martial Arts fighting system that meets all of today’s self-defence needs.

Mark’s Wing Chun philosophy is simple: Wing Chun has to be simple, direct and efficient. This ensures that Wing Chun is not only easy and enjoyable to learn but also provides a realistic no-nonsense approach to self defence giving you improved confidence in your everyday living.

Program Goals:

  • Introduce students to all fundamental structures & situations
  • Build postural awareness, power and energy signatures
  • Install a solid understanding of core Wing Chun concepts & ideas

Curriculum Includes:

  • Beginner to Advanced Wing Chun techniques
  • In depth exploration of all elements of Chi Sau
  • All forms and applications, including wooden dummy and weapons