Boxing mixed in a fun and motivating way with exercise, games and fitness skills, all in one energetic and enjoyable session!

As with all the Boxing classes at the academy, strong emphasis is placed on teamwork and each child supports their partner in learning new techniques and improving on existing skills. Rotating partners during sessions promotes adaptability and versatility all the while increases their skill set.

Our objective is to enhance development in a positive and motivating way, helping each individual child enter into society with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook – focused to achieve any goal he or she sets in life. Boxing, is much more than just punching. It’s about working to become the best you can be in everything you do…

Program Goals:

  • Improve fitness, stamina, strength, agility and co-ordination
  • Install a basic understanding of core Boxing concepts & ideas
  • Develop Coordination
  • Build Fitness
  • Enhance Self-Defence
  • Foster Social Skills
  • Boost Confidence
  • Install Respect
  • Build Discipline
  • Improve Life Skills
  • Accelerate Personal Development
  • Gain Control
  • Instil Teamwork

Curriculum Includes:

  • Foundational Boxing techniques
  • Technical drills
  • Mobility & agility training