What is the Online Training Program?

The online training program is world class instruction available to all subscribers at the convenience of their computer or smart device. Our library is a database of hundreds of instructional videos ranging from basic to advanced and covering every position and technique, filtered by category, instructor and position for fast and convenient searching, as well as short courses drilling into combination flows and unpacking the latest techniques. New content is added regularly, often multiple times per week.

The Online Training Program Features:

  • All disciplines and techniques that make up MMA
  • Basic, fundamental & advanced techniques
  • Attacks, defences & escapes from every position
  • Positional studies & overviews
  • Question & answer sessions
  • Live sparring & competition footage
  • Fight footage

Can I join the online training program if I am not a member of the academy?
Yes. The online training program is available to anyone from any academy or team, wherever you are in the world.

How much does it cost and what packages are available?
All membership options and prices are available on the ultimateMMAbase.com website.

Visit ultimateMMAbase.com